My story

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The sense of smell has been my "ruling" sense right from the beginning. I have always been fascinated by the emotional reactions that odors and perfumes provoke in me.

The scent of the mocha coffee that my mother used to prepare every morning was a sense of home and safety. I still use it today to recall that memory and to experience that feeling.

The bond shared by scents and emotions became my journey, the journey I would like to share with you today.


Raffaella Bonelli

Although I have always had a special connection with scents, the real encounter with perfumes came at the age of 16, when I decided to commit most of my pocket money to buy Calyx, a fragrance definitely intended for "well-acquainted nose". This showed that my nose already had a marked sensitivity. I was particularly impressed by the notes of Oakmoss and Cedar.
Since then, things have not changed so much: I keep loving these base notes and spending lots of money in perfumes!

Smell and perfumes

The passion continuously grew; every free moment I had was dedicated to the study and knowledge of perfumes’ world despite professional experiences that took me to other paths (fashion, home decoration, cosmetics). The turning point came, however, unexpectedly and as often happens, as a consequence of an apparently negative event. For me was the sudden loss of my job, that forced me to stop and think of what really caught my eyes.
I decided to take a course of Aromatherapy and it was a real "coup de foudre" with essential oils! I was especially impressed by the psycho-olfactory effects of such blends, that I used to experiment on myself every day.

I finally understood why smells always had such a strong effect on my emotions. I went on learning deeper still, undertaking studies of Aromachology, the science that analyze the influence of odors on the human psyche, improving our well-being. My next step forward was to specialise in Perfumery and Fragrances, in order to have a complete spectrum of the olfactory world. Today I use the wealth of my discoveries and expertises to companies and individuals, helping them to create blends and olfactory identities suitable for all different types of activities, situations, events.